Unused food and other organic refuse is not permitted in our garbage. Food scraps (raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, depackaged food, meat, etc.) need to be separated from the regular garbage. Please see below for a list of things you can and cannot put into your organics bin.

We encourage residents to compost their yard waste for garden reuse, instead of using curbside collection.

Organics are picked up every Wednesday. Each residential property can put out up to six cans, bags or bundles of organic refuse or yard trimmings.

Compostable plastic bin liners

Metro Vancouver confirmed in 2017 that compostable plastic bin liners that are marked with the code ASTM D6400 are permitted in the organics bin.

Yard waste

Yard trimmings are collected with organics every Wednesday. These can be put into yard waste bags or other containers identified with a free Yard Trimmings decal, available at Municipal Hall. Sticks should be tied into bundles.

You can put out up to six bags, bundles or cans of yard trimmings each collection day.


Organic Separation Guide (PDF)

  • meat and bones
  • fish and shellfish
  • grains and pasta
  • dairy products
  • eggs and shells
  • cardboard egg cartons
  • plate scrapings
  • fruit and vegetables
  • food-soiled paper (not wax-lined)
  • pizza boxes and paper plates
  • popsicle sticks, chopsticks, small wooden utensils, toothpicks
  • small quantities of fats and oils (soak into used paper towels or newspaper)
  • houseplants without soil
  • wood chips, sawdust from untreated wood, cold wood ashes (in paper bags)
  • leaves and grass clippings
  • yard trimmings

Questions? Please contact Bowen Waste at 604-947-2255.

  • plastic (compostable plastic bin liners labelled with code ASTM D6400 are permitted)
  • paper coffee cups or beverage containers
  • metal, rubber or glass
  • diapers and baby wipes
  • pet waste or kitty litter

Questions? Please contact Bowen Waste at 604-947-2255.