New Requirements for Indoor Wood Burning in Effect September 15

To improve air quality and public health, Metro Vancouver residents who intend to use wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, or appliances after September 15, 2022 must provide a declaration to Metro Vancouver to follow best burning practices. Bowen Island is outside of the Urban Containment Boundary and as such, Bowen residents are not required to take the second step of registering their appliances.

By ensuring best burning practices are followed — which includes only using clean, untreated wood, maintaining the appliance properly, and preventing smouldering fires — Metro Vancouver is working to improve air quality year round across the region.

Bowen residents can make their declaration online at or via a mail-in form.

Examples of eligible wood-burning appliances include:

  • Appliances that are certified under Canadian or US emissions standards
  • Appliances that are operated exclusively with manufactured fire logs
  • Appliances that are the sole source of home heating

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