Buy Local Week

BIM’s Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) encourages you to support local businesses during BC’s Buy Local Week, November 28 to December 4, 2022.

  • Support small businesses
  • Buy local online
  • Shop in store
  • Give local experiences
  • Support your community
  • Put local on your table
  • Buy local made
  • Buy local gift cards

Why Buy Local?
Because local businesses:

  • Create more local jobs
  • Support BC suppliers – make 31% of their purchases from other BC businesses
  • Recirculate revenues – keep 63% of revenue in BC, compared to 14% for multinationals
  • Produce 8 times more jobs and revenue per square foot than multinationals
  • Give more to local causes
  • Build BC’s economy – make up 98% of all businesses, and produce 34% of GDP
  • Multiply spending – creating 4.6 times the economic impact with each dollar earned
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BC Buy Local
Loco Infographic Multiplier
Local Businesses create 4.6 times more impact by recirculating $63 out of every $100 back into local economy compared to $14 by multinationals.
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If half the employed populations spent $150 a month at local businesses, it would put $161 million back into the BC economy, every month!