Join a Committee of Council

Committees are established by Council to advise and provide opportunities for public involvement in municipal matters. Whether it be an area of interest, an area of expertise or just a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get involved in supporting Council and the community, there will be a Committee for you.

Some Committees meet only to provide advice to Council. Others form subcommittees and do hands-on work. Whichever is your interest, capacity, passion, it’s up to you. Committees are a great way to engage with other community members with similar interests and to get your voice heard with newly elected Council. 

In addition to providing advice to Council, and doing work in subcommittees where applicable, Committee members play a key role in acting as liaisons between members of the community and Council regarding their specific focus areas. 

Ready to apply? Complete the committee application email to Stef Shortt at

  1. Advisory Design Panel (ADP) – Meets a couple of times a year upon Staff or Council referral to advise on building and landscaping aesthetics on properties in and around the Cove.  
  1. Community Grants Advisory Committee (CGAC) – Meets once a year to review applications for Community Grants and provide recommended awards to Council. 
  1. Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) – Meets monthly (up to nine times a year) and provides both recommendations to Council and acts as a working group. The CEDC is charged with implementing the CED Plan and forms subcommittees to engage with the business community and advance the Plan’s strategic goals.  
  1. Emergency Program Executive Committee (EPEC) – Meets quarterly to provide oversight and strategic direction to the Emergency Program.  
  1. Environment and Climate Action Advisory Committee (ECAAC) – Meets monthly (up to nine times a year) to advise Council on environmental practice and also forms subcommittees to perform hands-on work in collaboration with Staff such as drafting policy. 
  1. Heritage Commission (HC) – Meets quarterly to draft a BIM Heritage Strategic Plan and make recommendations to Council regarding heritage priorities such as education, including signage, and identification of heritage value, including building the Community Heritage Registry.  
  1. Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) – Meets monthly (up to 9 times a year) to support the ongoing creation of diverse housing opportunities on Bowen Island. The HAC is an advisory committee that also takes on subcommittee work. 
  1. Parks Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee (PTGAC) – Meets monthly( up to 9 times a year) to provide advice to Staff and Council regarding trail linkages, public ocean access and other uses of nature. PTGAC also forms subcommittees for work on issues such as mitigating the threat of invasive species. 
  1. Recreation and Community Services Commission (RCSC) – May meet quarterly to advise on community recreation events and support the opening and use of the Community Centre.  
  1. Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) – Meets monthly (up to 9 times a year) to advise on Bowen Island’s transportation needs, including ferry, bus, car and active forms of transportation such as cycling.  

Utilities Committees meet a couple of times a year to advise on budget, billing and infrastructure decisions.

  1. Bowen Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee (BB WS LAC) 
  1. Cove Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee (CB WS LAC) 
  1. Snug Cove Sewer Local Advisory Committee (SCS LAC) 
  1. Tunstall Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee (TB WS LAC) 

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Questions? Contact Steff Shortt, Committee Clerk, by email at or call 604-947-4255 extension 253.