Bluewater Park drinking water conservation

While plans for the Bluewater Park water system replacement are advancing, a solution for the Bluewater Park supply shortage is not feasible before the summer of 2024. Water supply issues are anticipated for the upcoming summer months. This means a more proactive approach to water conservation. Bluewater Park will go straight to Water Conservation Stage 3 as of May 1, 2023.

Stage 3 means:

  • no lawn watering
  • hand watering of vegetable gardens by spring-loaded shut-off nozzle only
  • car and boat washing for safety only, ie windows, mirrors and license plates
  • power washing for safety or painting prep only
  • filling pools, hot tubs, fountains or ponds is not permitted

Bluewater Park residents should refrain from plans for new landscaping or water feature and pool projects that require municipal water during the spring/summer 2023.

Water Guidelines Chart Stage 3