Eagle Cliff drinking water conservation

BIM follows drinking water conservation guidelines to manage the demand for drinking water during the summer months by asking residents of all water systems to follow at least Stage 1 of the drinking water guidelines below as of May 1 of every year.

However, while BIM continues to work with the community to implement a solution for Eagle Cliff’s recurring seasonal water supply shortage, a solution is not feasible for the summer of 2023. Water supply issues are also anticipated for the upcoming summer months. A more proactive approach to water conservation is required. To help prevent an early drawdown of the Eagle Cliff Reservoir water level, Eagle Cliff went to Water Conservation Stage 2 on May 1, 2023, followed by Stage 3 on July 4, 2023.

As of July 21, 2023, Eagle Cliff is at Stage 4 of the Drinking Water Guidelines.

Stage 4 puts prohibitions on outdoor water usage.

Stage means:

  • No lawn watering
  • No garden watering (including fruit and vegetables)
  • Car and boat washing for safety: windows, mirrors and license plates only
  • No power washing
  • No filling or topping of pools, hot tubs, fountains or ponds

Questions? Contact Public Works at 604-947-4255 ext. 232 or by email publicworks@bimbc.ca

Water Guidelines Chart Stage 4