DVP-02-2017 1774 Billington Rd

Seeking Public Comment

for DVP-02-2017
1774 Billington Rd

A Development Variance Permit application has been submitted for 1774 Billington Rd (shown on plan below) to reduce the setback to the sea.

The variance will facilitate the construction of a residential building and deck, and will reduce the required setback from 24.25 metres to 20.47 metres for the house and 17.9 metres for the deck.

The application may be viewed online or at Municipal Hall.

Written submissions may be delivered to Municipal Hall:
• In person
• By mail
• By fax
• By email to bim@bimbc.ca

Submissions may also be made to Mayor and Council at the meeting:

9:30 AM on Monday, April 24, 2017
in Council Chambers, Municipal Hall

To ensure a fair process, submissions cannot be accepted once the meeting has ended.

Questions? Please contact Daniel Martin, Island Community Planner at 604-947-4255 or dmartin@bimbc.ca.