Roads and Infrastructure

The mandate for the Roads Program is to maintain, repair, rehabilitate and construct the Municipality’s above-ground infrastructure to provide a safe, efficient and sustainable network of roads, ditches, culverts, storm drainage collection, bridges, sidewalks, roadside trails and docks. Throughout the year, Bowen Island’s infrastructure is monitored on a weekly basis so as to ensure that road conditions are kept to a defined standard. A number of seasonal programs are also implemented on an annual basis including winter and summer maintenance and the capital renewal program.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for the maintenance of the Municipality’s three public docks; Snug Cove North, Snug Cove South and Mount Gardner.

Roads and Infrastructure

The Municipality maintains approximately 135 lane kilometres to ensure the mobility and safety of the community. Road maintenance includes but is not limited to street cleaning, ice and snow control, installation and maintenance of ditches, culverts and storm sewer inlets, pothole patching, line marking, and vegetation control.

In addition to routine road-related maintenance, the Municipality re-paves approximately 2 km of roads annually. Well maintained roads contribute to the safe movement of people and goods.

Street lights are owned by BC Hydro and paid for by the Municipality. The posted speed limit in effect all over Bowen Island is 30 to 40km. Stop when you see the school bus with its lights flashing. Expect to meet slow moving machinery, horse riders, cyclists, pedestrians, work crews and, in winter, snow plows and sand trucks.

Note: In some areas, roads are owned and maintained by private strata organizations, private businesses or individuals.