What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A BCP is a document that proactively defines what procedures and arrangements will be in place were there to be a disruptive incident or disaster (such as earthquake, interface fire, winter storm, or pandemic) so that at the time of the event businesses are better prepared for incidents they may be facing.

Business continuity planning is particularly important for critical service providers as the community depends on them. Business Continuity Plans are not to be confused with the COVID specific safety plans that are currently required by Work Safe BC; BCPs are specific to disaster recovery.

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Business Continuity Workshops

In September 2020, free Business Continuity Planning workshops via Zoom were offered for local essential service providers in order to create, review or update their business continuity plans. Confidential, free, one-on-one support at a later date with the workshop facilitator, Lisa Benini, was also extended to participants to ensure completion of their final plans. 

View the presentation slides, or download the Business Continuity Planning Guide and Plan Template

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