There are several options for getting around Bowen Island and for travelling off the island.

Getting around Bowen

There are three community transit bus routes operated by TransLink. The 280 Bluewater runs from Snug Cove towards the western side of the island, turning around at Spyglass Road. The 281 Eaglecliff runs from Snug Cove along the eastern side of the island to Hood Point and back. The 282 Mt. Gardner runs on weekends only. Buses generally arrive to and leave Snug Cove with the arrival/departure of the ferry, but there are some exceptions. Please check the BUS SCHEDULE to determine the departure time. 

Please note that BC Ferries may change their sailing schedule several times a year.  Despite best efforts, TransLink’s posted schedule may not be updated immediately to reflect these changes.  Transit operators generally adjust their schedules accordingly to ensure that the buses connect with the ferry. 

Please go to the Translink website and search for the route number to find the schedule, or use Google trip planner.

The Bowen Island Community Shuttle Facebook group was created  in 2018 for users of the local buses to post and share updates. This often has the latest information on your bus route.


You can use your Compass Card to pay your fare on the Bowen Community Transit buses. Standard transfer times are 90 minutes. However, if you are going off Bowen you will have 110 minutes to complete your transfers on the mainland. And, from the mainland you will have 180 minutes to tap in on Bowen.

Need extra time or help getting on the bus?

If you are planning on getting on the community shuttle bus with a mobility device or stroller, or otherwise need a little extra time or help to board, you can call (604)574-9396 to coordinate with the bus driver. This helps everyone get to their destination on time

Bowen LIFT

Bowen LIFT is a ride sharing program unique to Bowen Island. Look for the stops along main routes where you can wait to get a ride or pick up someone who needs a ride.  

Bowen LIFT

Walk or bike

Bowen Island has a short section of Multi-Use Path on Bowen Island Trunk Road, which will be extended in sections of the Cross-Island Multi-Use Path project. Snug Cove has sidewalks for pedestrians. Otherwise, the roads on Bowen are somewhat narrow and some areas have a narrow or no shoulder to walk or bike on. Please use caution when walking or biking on Bowen’s roads – wear high visibility reflective gear and carry a flashlight when it’s dark. Share the road: drivers should give cyclists and pedestrians at least a 1 metre gap, and only pass when safe.

Read the Metro Vancouver cycling map including Bowen Island

Getting to and from Bowen

BC Ferries

The Queen of Capilano provides vehicle and foot passenger ferry service between Snug Cove and Horseshoe Bay. 

Download the BC Ferries app from your app store.


Ferry Schedule

Check Current Conditions

Bowen Island Ferry Guide

Medical Assured Loading

Ferry Advisory Committee

Bowen Van Pool

Departs to and from UBC via downtown Vancouver Mon-Fri.

Departs Bowen Island on 6:20 AM ferry sailing, goes through downtown around 7:10 AM, arriving at UBC at 7:30 AM.
Departs UBC at 4:20 PM. Arrives downtown Vancouver about 4:55 PM for pick-up. Returns to Bowen on 5:45 PM sailing with assured loading.
Tel: 778-926-4704

Cormorant Marine

Cormorant Marine operates foot passenger water taxi service in Howe Sound and is available for charters.
Book online at Cormorant Marine

TransLink 257 Vancouver Express Bus

For information on bus fares visit the TransLink website.
Compass Cards can be purchased at the General Store, in Horseshoe Bay or online.
Tel: 604-953-3333