Drinking water advisory for people with compromised immune systems

The Provincial Health Officer advises all British Columbians with compromised immune systems (such as HIV, organ or bone transplants, chemotherapy or medications that suppress the immune system) to avoid drinking water from any surface water or ground water that is under the influence of surface water, unless it has been boiled, filtered, distilled or treated with UV. Bowen Island and other areas in British Columbia use surface water sources (lakes, rivers, streams).

This is not a general boil-water advisory for the general public, but rather is directed only at people with compromised immune systems.  If in doubt about your immune system status, please discuss this further with your physician.

Read more at HealthlinkBC

Cove Bay Water Quality Notice – Elevated Turbidity

The Cove Bay Water System has measured elevated turbidity levels. Turbidity is cloudiness or haziness of water caused by a large number of particles that may be invisible to the human eye and can be due to rain, erosion, and plant and animal life in the water source. Elevated turbidity can have negative effects on water quality. Turbidity does not necessarily pose a threat to human health, but it can be an indicator of the potential presence of human pathogens.

Persons with a compromised immune system and anyone seeking additional protection is therefore advised to only drink boiled tap water. The water can be made safe by boiling it for at least 1 minute at a rolling boil. Alternatively, use only water such as bottled or distilled water, or water filtered through a well-maintained in-home treatment device.

Questions? Contact Public Works by email at publicworks@bimbc.ca or call 604-947-4255 ext 4