Mayor’s Task Force on Infrastructure

Purpose of the Committee:

The purpose of the Mayor’s Task Force on Infrastructure is to provide Council with advice and recommendations on infrastructure and asset management planning matters on Bowen Island. The work of this group will support Council’s strategic goal of Strong Infrastructure and Asset Management, which is critical to supporting the other three strategic goals: Diverse and Resilient Community; Engaged Community and Effective Government; and Responsible Ecosystem Protection. Wherever possible, natural assets will be prioritized as part of infrastructure development.

Member Commitment:

The Task Force meetings are during the day approximately once a month. Members are expected to prepare for meeting discussion by reading the agenda package material in advance.

Committee Members:

  • Mayor Andrew Leonard, Chair
  • Councillor Tim Wake, Vice Chair
  • Michael Florendo
  • Don Nicholson
  • Councillor John Saunders
  • Liam Edwards, Chief Administrative Officer (non-voting member)
  • Patrick Graham, Director of Engineering (non-voting member)

To contact the Mayor’s Task Force on Infrastructure, please email:

Governing Documents:

Terms of Reference

Video Recordings:

BIM YouTube Channel

Agendas and Minutes: