The Tunstall Bay water system services about 150 users in the Tunstall Bay neighbourhood. 

Water for the Tunstall Bay system is supplied by six deep wells and a surface well. It is treated by filtration and chlorination at the source and then stored in a reinforced concrete reservoir. Some deep wells do not have chlorination, therefore chlorinated and unchlorinated well water is mixed in the storage tank. It is tested for chlorine residuals every day and samples are sent to Vancouver Coastal Health once a week.

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Help us contact you quickly if we discover a leak

Bowen Island Municipality is currently dealing with leaks at some properties in Municipal water systems. We make every effort to contact the property owners, however in many cases we only have mailing addresses.

Please provide your contact information so that we can contact you by phone or e-mail if we discover high water usage on your water meter.

If BIM identifies a leak, every effort will be taken to contact the property owner. If the property owner cannot be contacted, water will be turned off at the property.

Flat and metered rates

In 2023, the annual base rate is $1,236 per year as per the Tunstall Bay Water System User Rates Bylaw.

Water bills are sent out quarterly for $309.00 per quarter.

Non-Connected properties are billed quarterly at $189, which totals $756 annually.

The metered rates are:

Gallons/quarter Rate
 0 – 4500 $0.00309
 4501 – 9000 $0.00556
 9001 – 13,500 $0.00772
13,501 – 18,000 $0.00988
18,001 and over $0.01205

How much water do you use?

Three years of meter readings were recorded in order to determine an average use per household, and we calculated that 7 out of 10 properties use less than 125 gallons per day.

The Tunstall Bay Water System Local Advisory Committee has advisory powers to Council regarding water system issues, and also reviews the operating and capital budgets for the utility. The Committee meets two to three times a year, including an annual information meeting where any users of the Tunstall Bay Water System are welcome to attend.

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