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The Public Works Department is proud to provide the community with services day in and day out that help sustain and enhance a high quality of life for the community’s residents, businesses and visitors by providing and maintaining a well-planned infrastructure that is environmentally sensitive and cost-effective.

Service Profile

The core function of Public Works is to protect and enhance the sustainability of the Municipality’s natural environment and built infrastructure to ensure delivery of the Municipality’s vision. Public Works jurisdictions include:

  • Roadways and infrastructure: maintain approximately 65 lane kilometers of primary roadway and 85 lane kilometers of residential roadway, ensure year-round weekly condition reports, seasonal programs (winter and summer maintenance), and capital upgrade programs (resurfacing, shouldering, culvert replacement and guardrail installation)
  • Utilities (water, sewer and storm): responsible for the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation and construction of Bowen Island Municipality’s water supply, treatment and distribution systems, in addition to sanitary sewer collection and treatment. A key focus of this program is to ensure the renewal and/or upgrade of aging infrastructure prior to the end of its useful life.
  • Solid waste: Through contractor services, the Public Works Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste, which includes organics and non-organics garbage.
  • Permitting: issues, inspects and approves a number of Traffic and Street Use Permits including Driveway Access Permits, Tree Removal Permits, Event Permits, and Permits to Occupy the Municipal Right of Way.

The Public Works Team 

Direction of Engineering: Is repsonsible for the planning, organization, direction and integration of the Municipality’s public works, roads, utilities, parks and facilities. The Director of Engineering is responsible for the coordination of all municipal infrastructure, buildings and equipment, and the supervision, direction and administration of the day-to-day operations of the Public Works and Engineering Department and crew.

Public Works Superintendent: Performs complex supervisory, administrative and professional work in planning, organizing, directing and supervising the Public Works Department, including roads, traffic control, utilities, sewer collection and treatment plant and other public works projects and programs.

Roads Foreman: Is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the municipal roads and Roads Crew, hired contractors, including the execution of work plans, managing of fleet vehicles, and related purchasing and invoicing of small tools and equipment.

Roads Crew (2): Is primarily responsible for the day-to-day labour tasks required for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, especially year-round maintenance of municipal roads and road allowance according to a priority schedule to ensure safety of the travelling public. They also assist in labour tasks required for maintenance of municipal buildings.

Utilities Foreman: Oversees the Utilities Crew and is responsible for maintaining the water mains, the storm sewer and one sewer collection and treatment plant, including ordering material and supplies, and also oversees the sampling and maintenance of seven water systems.

Utilities Crew (2): Perform sampling and assists with the maintenance of seven water systems and one sewer collection and treatment plant, including testing of potable water 365 days of the year. Works in the maintenance, repair and operation of municipal water distribution and sewer collection systems, including wastewater treatment plant and water facilities with all levels of purification. Utilities Crew are also involved in the investigation and resolution of trouble calls and emergencies.

Public Works Administrative Assistant (2): Provides support to the Public Works Superintendent and other Public Works staff as required with all administrative tasks. Forms the liaison between Public Works and the general public, administrates water sampling results and drafts annual reports for each municipal water district,
administrates and analyses meter readings, issues over consumption letters and assists the Accounting Department with utility billing.

Highlights from the 2018 Annual Report

  • Cove Bay Water Treatment plant design
  • Miller Road sewage pump station and pipe works
  • Tunstall Bay electrical upgrade to the water storage tank site
  • Cardena Drive ferry drop off improvements and rock stacked eall


Roads, infrastructure and storm water management

Snow and ice removal

Water and sewer service

Garbage, organic waste collection and recycling


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