Board of Variance

Next Board of Variance Meeting

10:30am Thursday May 2, 2024 in Council Chambers at Municipal Hall (981 Artisan Lane)

You may also join the meeting online.

235 Shore Lane: BOV-2023-0304 (Public Notice)

What does the Board of Variance do?

The Board of Variance (BOV) considers applications for minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements (side yard, back, front, height and area coverage) where compliance with Bowen Island Municipality’s Land Use Bylaw would cause undue hardship. For example, if a big rock in a yard made it a hardship to site a house in conformity with the normal setbacks, a person could apply for a minor variance.

The Board cannot vary permitted uses, densities, or parking under the Land Use Bylaw, nor does it to deal with major variance applications. Major variances require a Development Variance Permit application.

Read the Board of Variance Establishment Bylaw, Sections 536 – 544 of the Local Government Act, or BC Government to learn more.

Apply to the Board of Variance

Submit an application to the Board of Variance for minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements on your property.

Public Comments to Board of Variance Regarding Applications

Members of the public are encouraged to submit comment to the Board of Variance (BOV) either through written submissions provided ahead of the meeting or through verbal submissions during the Public Opportunity to Speak to the Board section of the meeting.

How to submit written comment
Written submissions may be delivered to Municipal Hall:

Submissions must reference the subject application number. Please note the following deadlines:

  • Submit your feedback seven days prior to the meeting (by 4pm) to have it included in the agenda that is published five days prior to the meeting.
  • Submit your feedback two days prior to the meeting (by 4pm) to have it included in the revised, late items agenda to be published the day before the meeting.
  • Feedback provided after these deadlines (before or during meeting) will be included as on-table items and considered at the meeting and published subsequently.

How to sign up for verbal public comment
E-mail the Committee Coordinator at up to 15 minutes before the meeting time.  In your email, please include the following:

  1. Subject line “BOV Public Comment”
  2. Name (first and last) and telephone number.
  3. Reference application number and address

How to join the meeting
Join the meeting via the Zoom link provided and wait with muted microphone and camera off for your name to be called during the Public Opportunity to Speak to the Board section of the meeting.

We ask that you respect the time limit allotted by the Chair and once finished to please mute your microphone and turn off your camera. You may also leave Zoom at this time and proceed to view the deliberations on our YouTube Channel.

Current Board of Variance Members

  • Wendy Alexander
  • Christopher Hall
  • Rick Jones


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