Bowen Island Fire Rescue

Bowen Island Fire Rescue is committed to providing professional and effective services to all residents and visitors of our community. Our mission will be accomplished through training, education and fire prevention in accordance with the BC Fire Service Minimum Training Standards Playbook (Playbook)

Bowen Island Municipality has established the Interior Operations Service Level for the fire department as set out by the Playbook.

When called upon we will:

  • Provide a rapid, professional response to any emergency
  • Attempt to minimize loss of life and property from fire or disaster
  • Show compassion for those involved
  • Be committed to protection of the environment

Service Profile

Bowen Island Fire Rescue provides a variety of services and programs including:

  • Fire suppression: we respond to incidents involving or potentially involving fire.
  • Medical calls, rescue and safety: our volunteers are trained for medical emergencies. Firefighters work collaboratively with BC Ambulance Service responders.
  • Fire prevention: equipment inspection & maintenance, certification of fire trucks.
  • Training: enhance the skills, increase the competencies and expand the scope of training for our volunteers through regular weekly practices and additional training opportunities

About 30 volunteers receive education and skills training to establish a team of emergency first responders dedicated to ensure a rapid, professional response to any emergency; minimal loss of life and property from fire or disaster; demonstrated compassion for those involved; and commitment to protection of the environment.

Bowen Island Fire Rescue Team

Fire Chief: administers, plans, directs and controls all aspects of the fire department including administration, fire suppression, fire prevention and rescue activities. In addition, the Fire Chief abides by and implements applicable local, provincial and federal regulations.

Deputy Fire Chief/Training Officer: provides administrative and technical support to the Fire Chief and liaises with the Fire Hall Facilities Steering Committee on the development of the New Fire Hall and Emergency Operations Centre. The Training Officer is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating and implementing the services and activities of the fire department’s training programs. The Training Officer will also coordinate assigned activities with other divisions and outside agencies.

Volunteers: There are approximately 30 volunteer firefighters.




Bowen Island Fire Rescue
Fire Hall No. 1
1045 Miller Rd
981 Artisan Lane (Mailing Address)
Bowen Island, BC,   V0N 1G2
Tel: 604-947-9324 (non-emergency)


Aaron Hanen, Fire Chief

Ian Thompson, Deputy Fire Chief/Training Officer