Through public education and creation of awareness of Municipal bylaws, Bowen Island Municipality Bylaw Services strives to achieve compliance with local bylaws and policies.

Service Profile

The core function of Bowen Island Municipality’s Bylaws Services is to provide public education and maintain community relations. Municipal bylaws, policies and regulations are enforced through several means including dispute resolution, mediation and enforcement-related activities. Bylaw Services also researches and develops new bylaws and policies for Council’s consideration. 

Responsibility of Bylaw Services includes a range of activities including:

  • Responding to and investigating requests and inquiries from the public
  • Maintaining public awareness related to municipal bylaws
  • Conducting regular patrols of roadways
  • Responding to animal-related concerns and acting as Animal Control Officer and Pound Keeper
  • Conducting operational aspects of municipal wharves and acting as Wharfinger
  • Writing and serving municipal violation notices
  • Maintaining records of bylaw violation notices, warnings and permits
  • Serving as film liaison
  • Attending special events and public hearings
  • Preparing reports to Council related to applicable bylaws
  • Developing new policy and amending existing bylaws
  • As directed by Council, researching and conducting project management for “special” projects
  • Providing comments related to development requests i.e. re-zonings and subdivision applications
  • Liaising with all departments who provide comments related to proposed development, special reports and Council directives
  • Assist Community event organizers in planning and set-up of festivals.

The Bylaw Services Team

Bylaw Services Supervisor: Reporting to the Corporate Officer, the Bylaw Services Supervisor oversees two part-time Bylaw Services Officers and ensures bylaw education and enforcement is conducted according to the Bylaw Services Policy.

Bylaw Services & Wharfinger (2): Reporting to the Senior Bylaw Services Officer, Bylaw Services Officers provide bylaw education and enforcement and conduct the daily operations of municipal docks.

Highlights from 2016 Island Plan

  • Collaborated with RCMP, and federal and provincial officers on enforcement initiatives (e.g. problem vessels)