Collaborative Projects Make Better Communities

If you’re an individual, group, or business with a good idea for a community-driven initiative, Bowen Island Municipality wants to hear from you.

We want to help enable small-scale or early-stage collaborative projects and provide guidance on how to get your idea off to a strong start.

What’s a collaborative project?

It’s infrastructure or an initiative intended for public use or participation for community enjoyment and/or service enhancements.

What are some examples?

  • The Bowen Bike Park behind the Bowen Island Community School
  • The expansion at Bowen Children’s Centre
  • The Heritage Loop Trail in Snug Cove
  • The Disc Golf course at Veterans Park
  • The Westside Playscape at Arubutus Ridge

What are the key project criteria?

  • Consistent with the Official Community Plan and related Municipal Master Plans
  • Meets community needs and has demonstrated community support
  • Describes the roles and responsibilities of all parties (including the Municipality)
  • Identifies benefits, costs, and risks, both short and long term

What are my next steps?

What is a delegation?

It’s your opportunity to meet in person with Municipal Council. Presenters often prepare a simple, informative slideshow or handout. Read more about appearing before Council.


Gillian Drake, Manager of Recreation and Community Services

604-947-4255 ext 248