Bowen Island Municipality owns and operates a Wastewater Collection and Treatment System in Snug Cove, which serves about 92 sewer connections throughout Snug Cove.

The Public Works Department maintains the Sanitary Sewer System to protect the health and safety of the public and to protect the environment.  Secondary treatment of the wastewater is provided at the Sewage Treatment Plant located on Dorman Road near the Crippen Park picnic area.

As with the Water Systems, the Public Works Department maintains all of the sewer mains, and the individual house connections from the main to the property line dividing private property from the roadway. It is noted that commercial businesses are required to have grease traps. The Sewage Treatment Plant does not accept sewage waste from septic tank pump outs at this time. The Sewer Utility is fully funded from user rates and funds are kept and administered separately.

Most Bowen Island homes rely on ground disposal of effluent from septic systems on private lots or shared septic fields. These systems are administered and permitted by the Ministry of Health through the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. However, recent changes in provincial regulations have now privatized much of the review, design and approval process. For information about septic system installations, repairs and maintenance please visit the Bowen Island Phone Book.

Reference Material

Snug Cove Sewer Map (PDF)

Some Things Just Don’t Go in the Toilet (PDF)

Water meter readings are used to calculate sewer bills under the assumption that water use correlates to the amount of water being discharged into the sewer. The sewer consumption rate is determined by dividing the budgeted operating costs by the total water consumption by sewer users each billing cycle.

The Snug Cove Sewer System Local Advisory Committee has advisory powers to Council regarding sewer system issues, and also reviews the operating and capital budgets for the utility. The Committee meets two to three times a year, including an annual information meeting where any users of the Snug Cove Sewer System are welcome to attend.

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