Official Community Plan Steering Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

To provide Council with meaningful input and recommendations related to the creation of a revised Official Community Plan (OCP). The Committee shall provide guidance on project visioning, long-term planning principles, policy development and ideas for partnerships and implementation strategies that support the ultimate goal of adopting a revised OCP.

Member Commitment:

The committee meets monthly during the day; subcommittee participation is also expected. Members are expected to prepare for meeting discussion by reading the agenda package material in advance.

Committee Members:

  • James Crandles
  • Kiersten Enemark
  • Adam Lougheed
  • David McCullum
  • Melanie Mason
  • Betty Morton
  • Bobbi Parker
  • Channa Pelpola
  • Glen Shkurhan
  • Frits de Vries
  • Councillor Alex Jurgenson (Council Liaison)
  • Councillor Alison Morse (Council Liaison)

To contact the Official Community Plan Steering Committee, please email:

Governing Documents:

Terms of Reference

Video Recordings:

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Agendas and Minutes:



Reference Material

Islands Trust Bylaw No. 14, 1981: Bowen Island OCP

Islands Trust Bylaw No. 139, 1996: Bowen Island OCP

Bowen Island Municipality Bylaw No. 282, 2010: Bowen Island OCP Update