All collected garbage on Bowen Island is transported to the North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre, so our rules about what can and cannot go into the garbage are identical to Metro Vancouver’s rules.

The following materials are not allowed in your regular garbage bin:

Each residential property can put out ONE can of regular garbage per collection day. Any additional cans require a paid decal

The health and safety of the staff of Bowen Waste Solutions is important. All garbage cans and garbage are physically handled by staff. Bowen Waste Solutions will only collect garbage that meets these criteria:

  • All garbage must be bagged. Unbagged garbage will not be collected.
  • Dog poop must be double bagged i.e. dog poop bag within a larger bag.
  • Big bags are better than little bags. Please ensure that your garbage can contains no more than three or four bags for staff to retrieve.
  • Total weight of garbage cannot exceed 18 kg.

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