Emergency Program

The Emergency Program plans for the response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in order to help to protect the health and safety of Bowen Island residents.

The Program was created in 2017 through Bowen Island Municipality Emergency Program Regulatory Bylaw #428, 2016 (consolidated November 2019)

Emergency Program Organization Chart

Emergency Program Publications

Evacuation Plan, 2020

This plan provides BIM, response agencies & partners a practical guide to conducting an evacuation of all or part of Bowen Island. Please visit the Evacuation Plan webpage for additional information.

In an emergency, please follow instructions from Alertable or other official BIM pages.

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Emergency Management Plan, 2020

The Emergency Management Plan for BIM was adopted by Council June 2020, and describes the structure and organization of BIM’s response to an emergency.

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Tsunami Hazard and Risk Assessment, 2019 

This research was undertaken in order to better understand the tsunami threat to Bowen Island.

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Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, 2018

An HRVA is a foundational document that assists in planning for emergencies.

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Bowen Island Emergency Guide, 2022

This guide was produced for residents and provides information on local risks, how to prepare for emergencies on Bowen and local emergency organizations.

Bowen Island Emergency Guide

Volunteer Spotlight

The Volunteer Spotlight is here to recognize and honour volunteers that work under the Emergency Management umbrella. Please check back regularly to read about another volunteer, or explore a different volunteer opportunity.

Carolyn McDonald, Emergency Support Services (ESS) Director

Edward Wachtman, NERP Co-Lead Coordinator

Rob Pineau, Emergency Communications Team

Jayne McMillan, Emergency Support Services, Reception Centre Manager

Amanda Ockeloen, BIM’s AED Maintenance Team

Jeanine Ziolkoski, ESS volunteer

Bruce Steele, ECT Lead, retired

Volunteer Organizations

Emergency Support Services (ESS) 

Neighborhood Emergency Response Program (NERP)

Community AED Program

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Other relevant regional plans:

Greater Vancouver Integrated Response Plan for Marine Pollution Incidents

Joint Municipal Regional Disaster Debris Management Operational Plan for Metro Vancouver region and members