Community Centre Update August 13 2020

What it will cost to operate the Community Centre

You already know why Bowen Island needs a Community Centre and the benefits it will bring to our community. You know why it’s important that we use the $7.9 million grant from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program wisely, and how decades of reports, studies and community input gave us the framework to come up with a flexible, multi-use facility that will make the best use of every dollar spent.

“How much will it cost to operate the Community Centre?”

“Is there a Business Plan available?”

These are two big questions we know you’ve been waiting for the answers to. We’ve been working hard to develop a solid, practical Business Plan for the Community Centre, including a projected Operating Budget. It details everything from background information, stakeholder alignment, environmental analysis, capital and operating budgets, programming and risk assessment.

What will it cost to operate the Community Centre?

Operating expenses for Municipal facilities (currently rented) are paid for by property taxes and accounted for in the Five-Year Financial Plan (the Municipal Budget). The annual operating expenses for the Community Centre are anticipated to increase the Budget by $244,307 in the first year of operation. This increase will be offset by $133,407 of new rental and programming revenue. The remaining operating expenses of $110,900 will be funded through an increase in property taxes. For the average property owner, this translates about $47 a year more than what you’re currently paying for operating expenses.

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