Building permits on hold until capacity of Snug Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant is upgraded

Watch below: Mayor Gary Ander speaks about the current Snug Cove Sewer Capacity issue.

A moratorium on new Building Permits requiring a connection to the Snug Cove Sewer System is in place until upgrades to improve the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant can be completed. This notice has been mailed directly to all properties within the Snug Cove Sewer System boundary.

There is not sufficient capacity in the Snug Cove Sewer System to be able to accommodate the additional demand new connections would place on the system. Accordingly, the Municipality currently cannot issue permits to connect to the Snug Cove Sewer System. As that is the case, we are not in a position to issue Building Permits for new construction.

Our bylaw would permit construction to take place with an approved septic field. If you are planning for any new development on your property that would require a sewerage system, we would consider an application accompanied with a copy of the Record of Sewerage System filed with and accepted by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Alternatively, construction on buildings may take place under a restrictive covenant that states an Occupancy Permit won’t be issued until the sewer capacity has been expanded.

Staff are working on a plan for capacity upgrades to the Snug Cove Sewer System that may be able to provide sufficient capacity to accommodate new projects. This was dicussed at a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, January 24. You can watch the video recording of the meeting HERE.

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