EOI Blue Cottage

Bowen Island Municipality is considering Expressions of Interest (EOI) from eligible community organizations for use of a portion of the Blue Cottage space located at 431 Cardena Rd.

The space is approximately 30m2, has a dedicated access door from the rear of the building and has access to a washroom and sink facility that is shared with Tourism Bowen.

The space is expected to be available by the end of October, however the timing is not guaranteed and applicants should have some flexibility regarding possession date.

Eligible applicants should submit a proposal no more than two pages in length, outlining the planned use of the space.  Preference will be given to proposals from organizations that broadly serve a demonstrated community need and if possible, include options as to how the space could potentially be shared with other eligible organizations.

All proposals must align with objectives outlined in Bowen Island Municipality’s Collaborative Projects Policy and will be assessed according to the following expectations:

  • Applicant should operate on a not-for-profit basis
  • Applicant should serve a broad community need
  • Applicant should have a demonstrated track record of community service
  • Applicant must confirm that they are able to enter into a service agreement with the Municipality and obtain separate liability insurance
  • Applicant must confirm ability to coordinate the completion of minor maintenance tasks

Applications should be received by the Municipality no later than Friday, September 15, 2023 and should be sent to the attention of Kristen Watson, Chief Financial Officer by email to  finance@bimbc.ca

Questions? Call Kristen Watson, Chief Financial Officer, at 604-947-4255 extension 256 or email finance@bimbc.ca