Community Centre Project update October 2023

Dreams coming true

As the building progresses, representatives of user groups are seeing themselves in the new community facility.

The excitement was palpable as the Playcare staff checked out the smaller multi-purpose room and exclaimed over how much natural light pours into the large space. They imagined the chattering children coming in, hanging up their colorful little jackets and backpacks in the cubbies, enjoying a snack, taking out toys and supplies to play, draw, and make crafts and then cuddling up for story time.

The air sung, literally, as actors, singers and other performers sampled the performing arts space. They marveled at the high ceilings, strode from the wings of the stage, broke out in monologue or song. They choreographed impromptu sword fights with dramatic endings and burned up the dance floor. They scrutinized the backstage accommodations where they’ll be applying makeup and changing costumes. Watch Shari Ulrich and Barney Bentall performing in the theatre space during a performing arts group tour.

Sound Booth
This photo shows the sound booth under construction at the back of the performing arts space while a group watch an impromptu performance.

Our building inspector, Greg Cormier, visited to envision several projects that his West Vancouver High School wood working students could take on. They will use wood from trees cut down on the fire hall site and the possibilities include multiple benches for seating outside the main entrance, a bike barn for bikes and scooters at the back entrance, and picnic tables in the garden courtyard on the east side of the building.

Other groups include members from the Community Choir, SKY, the Garden Club, the Conservancy and BICS. The Garden Club was interested in the large multi-purpose room (performing arts space) as they have a large membership and can imagine having special interest talks and screenings in that space. The Community Choir imagined practicing and performing in the performing arts space. All the groups surveyed the smaller community room beside the kitchen that can accommodate screening presentations or streaming online meetings and the larger community room that will double as Council Chambers. The Community Lounge includes a piano and comfortable seating for easy listening. The piano can be easily moved into the performing arts space for musical events.

Fitness instructors were fast out of the gate, examining the workout space, how and where barre, mirrors and other equipment would be placed, and were excited about taking classes outside onto the back courtyard as weather allows.

It’s finally happening for all these groups: the dream of having a central community space is coming true.

Construction Update

On the bricks and mortar side, the building progresses inside and out as services are being installed, including electric, HVAC, water, data, and more. Inside, insulation and sprinklers have been installed and walls are starting to be closed up.

Civil works have completed most of the work outside in front including drainage and bringing services to the building.

Exterior cladding is being installed. The siding is going up and there’s been some discussion regarding the metal siding and a side effect called oil canning which is the appearance of waviness in the metal product. Our architects have determined that there is no structural vulnerability.

Siding Pic
Siding Images: The image on the left shows the designer’s rendition of the completed building, and the image on the right shows in the green siding going up.

Interior details were reviewed and selected by staff along with the Interior Designer. The emphasis was on sustainable, locally sourced products where possible, and colours that reflect Westcoast natural beauty.

See more construction photos in the recent staff presentation at the Community Centre Select Steering Committee Meeting. Watch the meeting.

Hiring a Facility Manager

BIM is in the process of hiring a Facility Manager for the Community Centre. The Facility Manager is tasked with overseeing the successful opening and operations of the facility. See the job posting.

Fundraising Update

Recent fundraising activities include site tours for sponsors, donors and special interest groups that include community groups, children’s and youth programming, theatre groups, singers, actors and more.

Our fundraising target is $2.2 million. Please help us reach our goal!  To donate today.

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