Municipality Addresses Concerns Over Community Centre Construction Delays

BOWEN ISLAND – Bowen Island Municipality acknowledges and shares the community’s frustration regarding ongoing construction delays, particularly the unfinished siding and lack of roof on the Community Centre building.

We wish to assure the community that we have been in continuous discussions with the construction contractor to address the issues with the roof and siding. The delay in completing the roof installation primarily stems from communication challenges between the various contractors involved in the project.

While we understand the concerns about potential consequences of the delay, we want to emphasize that the water tightness of the building has not been compromised. Our contractor and architects have provided assurance that all necessary assessments and remedies are being undertaken before the final roofing and siding materials are installed.

Over the past weekend and into this week, investigations and re-work sessions have been completed to address the outstanding issues. To protect the recent re-work, there may be a need to temporarily tarp some areas of the roof.

We are advised by our contractor that the imminent installation of the metal roofing, and then the gutters and siding will be completed accordingly.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work diligently to complete this exciting project. The Community Centre team remains committed to delivering a high-quality facility that will serve the community for years to come.