Declaration of Official Results

The Chief Election Officer has made the Declaration of Official Election Results. The following are elected to Bowen Island Municipal Council.

Voter Turnout Statistics

The voter turnout is calculated by adding the number of registered electors and the new registrations (for each resident and non-resident property electors), and the total number of ballots cast. Based on these calculations, the voter turnout for Bowen Island was 56.9%.

Preliminary Results

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the polls closed at 8:00 pm and we began to count the ballots, box by box. The results were posted here as each box was finished counting. When the count was finished, the Chief Election Officer announced the preliminary results.

MayorAdvance 1Advance 2General 1General 2General 3MailTOTAL
Andrew Leonard903924929112467860
Maureen Nicholson69371782889264728
John Turner3818701155920320
CouncillorAdvance 1Advance 2General 1General 2General 3MailTOTAL
Robin Burger544014622810135604
Sue Ellen Fast11557291424163901140
Judith Gedye139713454841821131334
Alex Jurgensen734423935614867927
Gale Lyttle1094819229110179820
Craig Macdonald71361912509169708
Alison Morse1075524332212173921
John Saunders1164425032611382931
Nicole Thomas Zyczynski3216891315430352
Tim Wake14766334417164991227
Richard Wiefelspuett643116123510659656
Islands TrusteeAdvance 1Advance 2General 1General 2General 3MailTOTAL
Sue Ellen Fast964824433713168924
Judith Gedye11651264372151841038
Gale Lyttle3420721175129323
Maureen Nicholson55321332077749553
Tim Wake81351902619862727
Community Opinion PollAdvance 1Advance 2General 1General 2General 3MailTOTAL

The School Trustee election is administered by the District of West Vancouver. Please check their website for results.

Conditions of a recount

On the evening of the election, after the count, the Chief Election Officer announced the preliminary results. The official declaration of results was completed on Wednesday, October 19.

There are a number of circumstances where a recount of the ballots may happen:

  • Upon the announcement of the preliminary results, if the difference in votes for a ballot is close (e.g. within a few ballots), a candidate may request the Chief Election Officer to recount the ballots. Informal recounts are approved at the discretion of the Chief Election Officer. If a recount is required, this is most likely to happen on the next business day.
  • If there is a tie upon the official declaration of results, the Chief Election Officer must apply to the Provincial Court for a Judicial Recount.
  • If a candidate, or an elector, has reason to believe votes were not correctly accepted or ballots were not correctly rejected, or that votes were not correctly calculated or accounted for, they may apply to the Provincial Court for a Judicial Recount.

Read Section 148 of the Local Government Act for information about Judicial Recounts