Community Centre News January 2024

Meet Lee Vincent, Facility Manager

“To have an amenity overlooking the Cove and showcasing what we can do as a community is inspiring. There are talented artists, athletes, and community builders here. It is exciting to have a place for them to come together and show what they can offer!”

Coinciding with the final construction phase for the new Bowen Island Community Centre, we are delighted that Lee Vincent has joined the team as the Facility Manager.

“I’m looking forward to having a place to show Bowen off! From the gallery to the small and multipurpose room and Performing Arts Auditorium, to the Community Living Room and the Recreation Classroom, I can’t wait to see how the people of Bowen fill the spaces with all the incredible things we can do,” says Lee.

Lee’s journey to Bowen follows a rich history in theatre, including roles with prominent theatre companies and experiences as an actor on national stages. Additionally, a 19-year tenure with Coast Hotels in the Engineering/Maintenance department and his role as Maintenance Manager of a downtown hotel equips him with the practical skills needed for facility management. With a diverse background in theatre, building maintenance, and management, Vincent will bring a unique blend of creativity and practical expertise to his role.

As a dedicated community member, Vincent has been actively involved in local sports as a coach and board member of the Bowen Island Football Club since 2018. He continues to serve as president of the Bowen Island Slo-pitch League.

As the clock ticks down to the move to the Community Centre, the Community Recreation Department and the Hearth, Arts on Bowen, are planning a rich offering of programs that will soon find a home in the new facility.

The January lineup included enticing classes for the community such as Tiny DancersSwing Dance, Inspiring Artists and STEM. With a building handover date of Spring, it won’t be long until activities and events are featured under one roof, conveniently located at our own Community Centre!

Bicc Lee Vincent Portrait

Call for Artists

Art for safety markings for glass areas at the Community Centre: BIM’s Public Art Advisory Committee calls for a digital design for the large glass windows and doors of the Community Centre. The design will be reproduced and applied directly to glass panels to meet safety requirements for visibility. This opportunity is suitable for artists who have experience in producing artwork in a professional capacity, who are from Bowen Island, and who are available to meet the project timeline.

The deadline for submissions is February 11.

Read more about the submission requirements.

Construction Update

Drywall is up in all rooms including multi-purpose rooms, public spaces and municipal offices. The photo shows the large multi-purpose room that will also be used as a performing arts space with drywall on the walls and the sound booth. Ceilings are next with many spaces already complete.

Bicc Drywall

The installation of final roofing material is taking longer than initially anticipated and is of great concern to all of us. The delay is attributed to revisions in the cladding assembly installation at the windows, as well as coordination challenges between the architects, the builder and the sub-trades.

We are assured the roofing will be going on soon and that prior to the metal sheeting going on there will be a third party assessment of the underlay and underlying insulation. The assessment is conducted by a professional with the Roofing Contractors Association of BC, who ultimately hold the warranty and as such have a vested interest in insuring the roof is installed correctly and to Roof Star specification requirements.

Donor Recognition Wall

The design of the Community Centre Donor Recognition Wall is underway. It will represent the legacy of community support to make the Community Centre possible. This custom-designed wall will become a feature of the Gallery space. There’s time to ensure your name is included! Donations of $200 and more will be recognized. Please help us build this important amenity that will serve the community for decades to come.

Donations can be made online by clicking here.

All gifts will receive a tax receipt for the amount of the donation.

If you prefer to donate via a cheque, please download the donation form and send it to the Bowen Island Municipality, 981 Artisan Lane, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2.