If you have suffered property damage related to a personal injury on municipal property, damage to your property as a result of municipal water services, potholes or road hazards, construction projects or sewer backups, there is a process for you to make a claim with Bowen Island Municipality.

First, a claim form needs to be filled out because we can only accept written notice regarding your claim.  Section 736 of the Local Government Act explains why you must provide written notice of your claim within two months of suffering the loss.  It’s important to note that your phone call or visit to Municipal Hall does not constitute notice under the Act unless notice of your intention to claim is also provided in writing.  A copy of the claim form can be downloaded below.

There are other limitation periods that apply to your claim and you may wish to consult with legal counsel. The information contained on this page does not take the place of legal advice.

Any comments or actions by the local government in response to your complaint are strictly without prejudice. In other words, comments made to you by staff or representatives of the local government are not to be taken as an admission of liability or as confirmation of any cause of action you might have.

Similarly, by submitting a claim form, you are not waiving any of your rights.

More information:

Bowen Island Municipality Claim Form
Section 736 of the Local Government Act


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