Public Toilet Map

Need to go in a hurry? We’ve got you covered. See locations on Bowmap by choosing the Public Toilets layer.

Public Washroom list

  • Snug Cove ferry terminal (BC Ferries) ♿
  • Bowfest field (Metro Vancouver)
  • Baseball diamond (Metro Vancouver)
  • Miller Rd parking lot (Metro Vancouver)
  • Entrance to Crippen Park meadow opposite the gas station (Metro Vancouver)
  • Killarney Lake picnic area (Metro Vancouver)
  • Sandy Beach (BIM)
  • Tunstall Beach (BIM)
  • Roger Curtis Beach (BIM) ♿
  • Bowen Bay Beach (BIM)
  • Quarry Park (BIM) ♿
  • Library (during opening hours) ♿
  • The Hearth Gallery (during opening hours) ♿
  • Municipal Hall (during opening hours)
  • On the ferry line up hill (BIM – May long weekend to September long weekend)
  • Pebbly Beach (BIM – July & August)