This graphic can help you to determine what kind of short-term rental you are providing.


Requirements and restrictions for accommodation providers

  B&B Residential Guest   Accommodations Commercial Guest   Accommodations or  Guest House
ZoningResidentialResidentialSome Commercial, CD and Park zones
ResidenceOperated by a resident of the propertyOperated by a resident of the property (Starting November 1, 2024)Operator need not reside on the property
KitchenPlug-in, counter-top appliances onlyFull size or built-in appliancesMay provide kitchen, specific to zoning
Days per year365120365
Designated Individual requiredNoYesNo
Business Licence # on  advertisingYesYesNo
Proof of insuranceNoYesNo
Parking space per guest room in addition to dwellingYesYesSpecific to zoning
Limit 2 guests per  bedroomNoYesNo
1 booking at a timeNoYesNo
Max. # of GuestsNoYesNo

Questions? please contact the Business Licence Inspector at: or 604-947-4255.