Decision to “Opt-in”

On March 25, 2024, Council voted to adopt the Provincial Bill 35 principal residence requirement for Short Term Rentals. This means that as of November 1, 2024, short-term rental accommodation must not be provided on Bowen Island except in the property host’s principal residence or in a single secondary dwelling on the same property.

Council considered the results of public engagement, committee referrals, and staff recommendations in order to make this decision. You can read the staff report and presentation from March 25 for more information,


In 2020 Bowen Island adopted the Short-Term Rental Policy. This Policy permitted, for the first time on Bowen Island, the short-term rental of an entire residential dwelling under a term called Residential Guest Accommodation. Council is reviewing this policy, including the impact of recent provincial legislation.  

In October of 2023, as part of the Homes for People Action Plan, the Province passed the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Act (also known as Bill 35), with the goal of decreasing the growth of short-term rentals (STRs) and reducing their impacts on communities.  

To achieve these goals, the legislation includes the following components: 

  1. Principal residence requirement 
  2. Data sharing & Provincial registry creation 
  3. End of legal non-conforming use 
  4. Increased fines & creation of a Provincial compliance enforcement unit 

Bowen Island Municipality was not automatically included in the principal residence component of this legislation but has selected the option to ‘opt-in’.   As part of a review of the short-term rental policy, Council decided to adopt the legislation to restrict STRs to a principal residence only. On Bowen Island, this will impact operators of residential guest accommodations, while operators of Bed & Breakfast (Home occupations) can continue to operate without changes.


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