Heritage Commission

Purpose of the Commission:

The purpose of the Heritage Commission is to provide advice to Council on heritage conservation and promotion matters and to undertake and provide support for such activities that benefit and provide for the advancement of heritage within Bowen Island Municipality. 

Member Commitment:

The commission meets approximately three times a year in the evening, usually on Thursdays. Members are expected to prepare for meeting discussion by reading the agenda package material in advance.

Commission Members:

  • Peter Vaisbord, Chair, Bowen Island Heritage Preservation Association (alumnus)
  • Melissa Harrison, Vice Chair, Bowen Island Heritage Preservation Association (alumnus)
  • Cathy Bayly (Bowen Island Museum and Archives)
  • Andrew Todd, Bowen Island Museum and Archives (alumnus)
  • Helen Wallwork, Bowen Island Heritage Preservation Association
  • Allene Drake (Member at Large)
  • Owen Raybould (Member at Large)
  • Councillor Alex Jurgenson
  • Drew Bakken, Island Community Planner

To contact the Heritage Commission please email: HC@bimbc.ca.

Governing Documents:

Reference Documents:

2019 Strategic Planning Workshop (August 29, 2019)

Agendas and Minutes:




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