A civic address identifies the physical location of a building and consists of a street number and street name.  Generally, a property is assigned a civic address when it is first built on.  A secondary suite is assigned a civic address at the completion of the building process. 

Applications may be made to request:

  • Change of existing civic address
  • New civic address

Requests will be reviewed for consistency with the Addressing Procedure.

If you would like to change homeowner mailing address, please refer to Change Homeowner Information.

To apply for a civic address request:

  1. Download and complete the Civic Address Request Application Form.
  2. Submit completed form:
    1. By email to planning@bimbc.ca
    2. By mail or in-person to:

Municipal Hall
981 Artisan Ln
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2

  1. Submit application fee payment*:
    1. By cheque (extended processing times)
    2. By e-transfer: email your request with name, property address and application type to bim@bimbc.ca for further instruction

* There is no fee for assigning new addresses in accordance with the Addressing Procedure.